Why Becoming Frustrated With Yourself Is A Good Thing

Have you ever had the experience of being somewhere but wanting or desiring to be somewhere else?

I’m referring to an internal struggle; I can see so clearly where it is I want to get to but it seems so far away from where I am. And it can feel like it takes so long to take even the smallest step forward.

I guess that’s part of the learning curve…having the patience to be where you are and to be fully there before taking the next step. I get that logically, but the reality is sometimes a little more challenging.

Is there an answer? A way to get around this and fast track? Not that I’ve found so far, and, it seems, with good reason.

Here’s what I have learned. Allow the frustration and anger to come out because lets face it, we’ve all been there, right?

It is frustrating as hell to repeatedly spend time and energy working on something only to have it fail again! Pretending otherwise is pointless for me, so I have my rant, stomp my feet and cuss up a storm.

And when I allow myself to express that, when I let the energy of the frustration go, it very often provides a new opening.

Being on a learning curve is so much more than just education. It is the growing and developing of your essential self. It is the building and strengthening of a new “muscle” and it takes time and practice.

It’s easy when caught in the struggle, to lose sight of how far we’ve actually come. So I make a point, after my tirade passes, to look at where I was a year ago, 6 months ago, or even last week.

From that perspective, I can see my growth and development, and feel reassured that all is not for naught, and soon I’m back in the mix.

My life is all about me, just as yours is all about you. And it would seem that one of the great lessons of my life is to remember that.

Sometimes I experience great joy and sometimes not so much. But part of what I’ve learned is that whenever it feels like something is happening to me, it’s also happening for me.

It is in the commitment to ourselves, our dedication to growing, learning and becoming all we are meant to be that the real education takes place because we are actually learning to master ourselves, not just the task at hand.

An added bonus to this developing and mastery of self is that I clearly understand that this is also the place we can best be of service to others.

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