What Yoga Taught Me About Trust

Have you ever noticed that life delivers lessons in the most unexpected ways?

I had a sudden insight into a way of being I’ve had my entire life, in a yoga class of all places!

As I was fidgeting about, trying to get comfortable in a particular pose, the instructor came around and stacked a few yoga blocks under my elbow for support. She gently took my arm, positioned it on the blocks and said, “now you can let go because your body will trust it has the support it needs”.

As I allowed the weight of my arm to be supported by the blocks, my entire body relaxed and I understood for the first time what yoga was about.

And suddenly I got it!

All this time I had believed that I didn’t have the right body for yoga; it was uncomfortable, I didn’t see any benefits and it ended up being a massive exercise in frustration.

Well this was an entirely new experience! I discovered that when I’m supported I can let go and trust the process.  All this time, I’ve had it backwards. I thought I had to first trust, get it right and THEN get the support.

I also learned that my not understanding or being challenged by something, does not mean I’m stupid, incapable or that anything is wrong.

It simply means I haven’t yet found a way that works with me and/or it isn’t an exact fit. But with a little tweaking or a different approach, it can work.

It’s kinda like purchasing a piece of clothing off the rack when it doesn’t fit exactly (but you love it so you buy it anyway). You can leave it in your closet and be annoyed and unhappy every time you look at it or wear it, or you can have it altered so it fits your body perfectly. You find another way.

The point is not to give up. Giving up is easy. It’s also why most of us take our dreams, ideas and ambitions to the grave instead of putting them in the world. We become victims to our fears, frustrations and lack of patience, and we give up.

What if we told ourselves something different? What if the fear, the frustration and the hard work doesn’t mean you aren’t meant for your dream? What if it means you’re almost there – keep at it. Or, you’re close, but not there just yet. Try again with a different approach.

What if you stopped relating to yourself as wrong, I can’t do this, or I don’t know how, and started relating to yourself as, I can do this? Or, okay, this didn’t exactly go as planned but what can I learn from what I did? Where could I do it differently?

Growing, learning and developing yourself is uncomfortable and challenging. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong.

So, as I learned in yoga, get support. Get support so that you can relax, let go and trust that there is a process at work and if you keep at it, you will absolutely find your way.


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