The Difference Between Surrendering and Giving Up

This is it! You’ve decided 2015 is your year and you are going to change your life!

You’re doing the things successful people say you should; working with positive affirmations and mantra’s, setting aside quiet time each day to meditate and journal, directing you’re attention to what you want, working daily on your wealth consciousness. You’ve even written out your goals, de-cluttered your physical space and re-committed to your daily work outs. Excellent! Well done ~ you should be very proud of yourself.

Except that nothing is changing. So what do you do when you’re doing all the right stuff but not getting the results you want and expect?

I’ve learned is that the answer is 2 fold.

First, there is a time aspect and the best analogy I know for this is starting to work out, after a long hiatus. I’ll hit the gym 3 times a week for a few weeks (but feels like 3 months) do the workouts, drink the water and feel so committed, and yet be so disappointed that my body hasn’t changed the way I’d expected!

9e13fdb256701aca32e00cb0416395b7The physical results and my expectations are not in alignment with the reality of what it takes to build muscle and burn fat. And this is the point many of us throw up our hands in frustration and quit. Don’t quit!

Just because you can’t see the results, does not mean things are not changing.  It simply means you can’t see what’s happening beneath the surface.

Your eyes don’t have the ability to see how your heart and lungs are getting stronger, how muscle is building and fat is reducing. But if you keep doing it, by month 3 or 4, you will start to see a physical difference. It just takes time.

The second aspect is about control. Perceived control to be exact and giving it up, also known as surrendering. This concept was a struggle for me because I had surrendering collapsed or mixed up with, giving up. But they are two entirely different things.

 Surrender is about understanding and accepting that I don’t have all the answers. It’s about letting go of trying so hard to make something happen, and its about trusting a process that I can’t see and don’t fully understand, but know is in effect all the time.

I’m not talking about leaving your life to chance. I’m talking about energetically surrendering control of a situation, circumstance or event that you cannot affect with what you know.

If you aren’t seeing the results you’d expected, ask yourself if you’ve allowed enough time, and is there an aspect of this issue you could surrender or let go of energetically? This process actually attracts and invites resources, people and solutions that otherwise wouldn’t be on your radar. The key is being willing to surrender. Then step out of the way and allow the process to unfold.


featured image from justbonesboardwear.com