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The 5 Key Steps To Manifesting What You Desire

Manifesting is the result of a combination of mind set (what you think about) and action (what you do).

To be effective we must learn the difference between doing what we can with what we have, and what we can delegate to the Universe/God/Source/Consciousness ~ whatever term you use.

The difference between the two is important because it’s tempting to fall into one of two camps: trying to do everything yourself and burn out, or you do nothing, leaving everything up to metaphysical chance, and wonder why your life isn’t changing.



In my experience, I have found there are 5 key steps to manifesting.

  • Get clear. Statistics indicate that less than 1% of us actually know what we want. We know a whole lot about what we don’t want, but we tend to be disconnected from what we really do want or desire.
  • Think, act, speak and be about only what it is that you want. Use visualization to bring it to life See it so clearly you could reach out and touch it. Know what it’s going to cost and engage all your senses; are you on a trip? What are you wearing, what does the weather feel like, what kind of food are you eating, what sights are you seeing, who are you with etc. Use the visualization a few times a day (the more the better) and be aware of your language. Stay away from words like hope, if and maybe. Using the example of a trip, speak about it as if it’s already booked. When we get to…. we are going to see….. On my trip to……I will…..Make it non-negotiable.
  • Get support. Lets face it, changing our thinking takes dedication, persistence and massive awareness. Being supported means you have someone else in the process with you. It means being held to a higher level of accountability than you can hold yourself to, and it makes all the difference.
  • Hang out with people that have already done what you want to do. People that are up to big things in the world typically operate at a fairly high frequency. So if you know people that are planning trips, get together with them. Share stories and plans. It keeps the focus on what you want and helps keep you in the excitement.
  • Check in with yourself periodically for subconscious fear and self doubt. These 2 are very sneaky and can mess with your head before you know it! Prevent the surprise attack by going on the offensive. Asking yourself if you are fearful or have some doubt about your desire accomplishes 2 things; it brings awareness to how you are feeling (very important in the manifestation process) and it gives you advance notice if either of the two have snuck in so you can course correct right away.