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Professional Women Dreaming of Freedom

Freedom. I’d always wanted it, but never really felt like I had it. At least not in the way I’d dreamed about it.

To me freedom is doing what I want, when I want, without needing anyone’s permission or approval. Well…upon closer examination it seems I did need permission. You see, I am a “rule follower”, and once I understand the “rules” it takes something to convince me they aren’t absolute.

The rules I’m referring to however, are the most destructive ones. They limit freedom, and very often we don’t even know we live by them.

They’re the ones that stop us from saying what we need to say, because we fear what others will think of us. They’re the rules that stop us from applying for that fantastic dream job we know we could do, but we don’t have the exact education or experience so we let it go.037-darrenhull-BC3C6658

The rules that stop us from entering that cooking show contest, the photography contest or starting our own business because we believe the “rule” or “voice” that says “I’m not that special, there are others better than me” or whatever your flavour of “I’m not good enough” is.

In the end, the permission I’d been seeking was my own. Until I changed something, I couldn’t ever be, do or have what I wanted and what I desired, because I was being run, controlled and dictated to, by a set of rules I didn’t know existed.

So how does one actually acquire freedom? Decide you aren’t available for anything less.  Then get support in making it your reality. It’s as simple and as complex as that.

Sounds easy enough, right? Just decide. Well, yes and no. Have you ever decided to change your eating habits? In the moment you decide, say Monday morning, it seems like a brilliant idea and absolutely do-able. By Wednesday (or Monday afternoon if you’re anything like me) that same idea seems wishy-washy at best and you’re wondering who even suggested it.

Deciding anything is like that, and when that “anything” is non-tangible and you are the only one that knows whether or not you’re on track, its easy to just let it go. Having someone hold you accountable  makes all the difference.

You have the life you have because of what you believe. Your life (happiness, financial abundance, health, great relationships, or any lack thereof) is direct and physical proof of what you believe to be true for yourself and your life. Period.

Anything you want for yourself in your life, is possible. Including freedom. The first step in making it your reality is deciding. Decide what you want, and make it non-negotiable.

You are here to be magnificent and nothing less. Make that non-negotiable and see where it takes you.

If you would like to explore how you can make freedom non-negotiable in your own life, I would love to connect with you!  Sign up for your own complimentary discovery session with me here I will be in touch. xo