Road in forest with beams of light

The Road Less Traveled

There’s a famous quote from an equally famous poem by Robert Frost titled ‘The Road Not Taken’. The quote is this:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

I spent so much time in my life trying to fit in, to be the same. I thought being the same as everyone else would mean I was acceptable, approved of and ultimately, loved.

Growing up, I wasn’t particularly athletic, academic or technical so in school I didn’t fit into any of the typical categories. Nor did I fit in with the popular girls because I was shy, insecure and didn’t think I was pretty.

OMG the crazy things I’ve done in the name of seeking approval! From dramatic calorie reduced diets, bizarre hair colour (and styles) and wearing clothes that didn’t suit me, to agreeing with things I actually found offensive and laughing at jokes that made me cry on the inside.

As I grew up (I’m talking in my 20’s and even into my 30’s) I learned to make friends with what makes me different and eventually to even celebrate them.

As I’ve said before, it takes courage to be who you are; to be authentically you. And that’s why these lines in this poem speak volumes to me. How many of us actually have the courage, the willingness to be dis-approved of, to stay true to and honour ourselves and take the road less traveled?

I recently started following a beautiful and incredibly heart-centered young man by the name of Preston Smiles. Check him out here:

I bring him up because I heard him say “… if the entire world was blind, who would you be trying to impress?”

So let me ask you… does feeling not good enough stop you in life? Take a moment and notice without judgement, if you:

  • do/say things to get validation
  • apologize without sincerity and when you don’t mean it
  • dress for other people
  • not say something out of fear/worry what others will think

If you do, ask yourself how this serves you.  Is it working for you?

Sometimes we actually outgrow the feelings of not being good enough, but the habits associated with the belief, stay. And it’s those habits (some of which are listed above) that keep us playing small.

If it’s not a habit, make a commitment to yourself to get support in releasing that belief. It may have served a purpose as a child by keeping you safe, but it no longer serves you and will prevent you from being and doing all you are capable of, and here for.

We all have the opportunity to take the road less traveled. It’s called Your Life and it’s designed for you and you alone. If you don’t take it, it remains untraveled and the world misses out.

When faced with something that scares you, recall Preston’s words and imagine the whole world is blind. There’s no one to impress.

Now go do that thing and spill your brilliance into the world.