Success and Celebration

Have you ever done something you didn’t think you could do? And after it was all said and done, looking back you think, that wasn’t so hard?

That pretty much sums up this year for me. I started down a path in October of last year, having no idea where it would lead, how or even if, I would complete it.

In complete transparency, this has been one of the toughest year’s of my life ~ and the most exhilarating and rewarding.

I am writing this post sitting on a flight to Miami. I’ve been up since 3 am and from my vantage point of 35,000 feet in the air I’m witnessing the most spectacular sunrise! What a beautiful way to usher in another glorious 24 hours.

I’m headed to Miami for my graduation and celebrating the completion of this epic year of intense work, growth and development in a high end coaching certification program. In this moment, I’m so present to what it took to get here, to bring myself to this point where I’m actually on this flight. And I have so much gratitude!

One of the biggest lessons and gifts I received this year was learning to acknowledge myself. Actually taking a moment to stop and give myself credit for breaking through something or completing something I didn’t think I could.

I have typically ploughed through life; my sight’s constantly set on the next thing to get done. I have operated believing there is never enough time so I was constantly in a panic, rushing through everything.

I’m learning to practice celebrating and you know what? I don’t have to look very hard or very far. Life provides endless reasons and opportunities to celebrate. I’ve also discovered that gratitude goes hand in hand with celebration.

I’m letting go of the idea that life is so hard (practicing it anyway), and serious. Yes there’s a time to work and yes there are serious moments but I’m committed to enjoying life; having fun and being happy.

So I’m celebrating. I’ve created this time to acknowledge and honour what it took for me to put myself in the game the way I have; for not giving up and for having the courage to face my demons and to achieve a massive goal I set for myself.

How can you celebrate today? Life is so much sweeter when you allow yourself to enjoy it, to celebrate. To acknowledge the road you have traveled and just how far you’ve come. Your life is about you and it is worthy of celebration.

The sun is now up and a new day is well and truly underway. Enjoy the gift that is your day.

Choose joy.



photo from Her Campus