You know how some women just catch your eye?

They command your attention without uttering a word. They have that extra something… oozing confidence, success and personal style. They seem to own that it or wow factor and we find ourselves captivated by them, wanting to be like them, longing to know their secret.

I used to think that secret was tangible but in reality, it isn’t about the latest and greatest skin care, designer labels or the car she drives. It comes from a woman’s clarity of knowing who she is and why she is here, combined with her commitment to living her mission without apology, aligned with her values.

I’m Ann Lotwin, success coach for women entrepreneurs. I work with women who are stuck and not moving forward with their mission and business. I help them meet their goals by teaching them how to identify their desired success path, build confidence and generate consistent action so they can manifest their goals, in alignment with their values.

What do you struggle with? Do you have clarity about your mission and business but aren’t getting the results you imagined? Or perhaps you work in corporate, secretly dreaming of contributing something big in the world, but afraid to leave your job. Maybe your entrepreneurial dreams are feeling more like a nightmare; the joy, excitement and passion have gone missing, taken its toll on your personal life and you’re thinking about giving up.

Wherever you are on your path, from thinking about becoming an entrepreneur to a seasoned veteran, what I have learned from my own experience and in countless coaching hours with clients, is that so much of what we struggle with comes down to alignment. Being aligned with your vision, mission and values, your goals, the actions you take and don’t take, and ultimately your results.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy! And part of why it’s so challenging is because we come face to face with ourselves, every single day; all our angels and all our demons are right there with us. And when we work alone spending so much time in our own heads, we can quickly lose our connection with that alignment; the excitement, passion and drive with which we first started out.

I know how frustrating it is when your business isn’t growing the way you thought it would. I understand the fear, anxiety and stress you feel when you’re spending more money than you’re making and the time and money freedom you thought being a entrepreneur would bring, just aren’t there. Its hard to feel happy and fulfilled in your work when in truth it feels like a constant uphill climb and struggle.

Here’s what I also know. Entrepreneurs are visionaries. By virtue of being one (or even thinking about it) you are an inspiration for others to go after their dreams. You make it possible for other women to say yes  to themselves. To not settle, to question the status quo and continue to push for the greatness within themselves. As master motivator Les Brown says, “there is greatness within you!” Allowing that greatness to come forth paves the pathway to excellence, and ultimately your genius. And THAT is why you are here.

Do not give up! Know that conquering your greatest challenge ultimately leads to your own personal greatness.

So how does one go from a struggling entrepreneur with big goals and dreams to bringing forth their unique greatness and achieving actual results? The answer is simple and two-fold:

  1. You decide what you really really want, and
  2. You commit to it. Not a wishy washy it seems like a good idea, and yeah, that would be nice kind of commitment. I mean you commit to it. The no excuses, non-negotiable, no-matter-what, doing what I said I would even though I don’t feel like it, kind of commitment.

I’ll let you in on a little secret… commitment doesn’t start with what you do, as in from now on I’m going to do X. Commitment starts in your thinking (from now on I’m going to focus on X). The doing, or action steps are a result of your thoughts.

So ask yourself, am I ready to move forward, to stop struggling, spinning my wheels and feeling discontent? Am I committed to experience fulfillment, joy, freedom and financial abundance? If your answer is a resounding YES, then make the decision to get support and guidance, so you can reach your goals and be the difference you are here to be. What I know with 100% certainty, is the only thing standing between you and all your dreams and desires, is you; How you think, what you believe.

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What People Are Saying

Through Ann’s expert guidance I was able to move past the self imposed road blocks, get clarity  and begin my new passion-based business where I get to serve clients that I love.

Kaylee Murphy
Kaylee MurphySuccess Coach For Women

In just one session Ann was able to bring to light what i had buried for many years. I am so grateful for her work with me and others, supporting women to love themselves, love their dreams and to bring them to reality.



Dianna Staar
Dianna StaarRMT, Craniosacral Therapist

Ann helped steer me through bumps and blockages I didn’t even know I had, that had been stopping me, including issues around self worth and how that related to the fees I charged.

Petra Heidenreich
Petra Heidenreich