Everyone Has A Calling.
Are You Ready To Know Yours?

Sometimes our “calling”, that thing we were born to do, aligns with what we actually do for a living. But what if it doesn’t? What if your calling is worlds away from what you find yourself doing to pay the rent, or worse yet, what if you have NO IDEA what it is?

I’m Ann Lotwin and let me tell you I understand this so well because it wasn’t very long ago I was in that exact position!

Working the routine 9 – 5 for someone else, squinting at spreadsheets, analyzing employee satisfaction surveys and reviewing payroll statistics, all while day dreaming about traveling, hosting beautiful dinner parties and counting the days to the weekend.

I was incredibly dissatisfied, frustrated and depleted. At at the same time, I felt trapped because I needed to make money. My relationships suffered, my health suffered, and I was uninspired and unhappy. But the worst part was I felt unfulfilled.  I dreaded going to work and felt like I was wasting my life. I remember sitting there thinking, there has got to be something better for me. My life can’t possibly be for this!

ann_280x530I so desperately wanted to make a difference; to contribute to, or be a part of something that mattered. I knew I had gifts, abilities and talents, but I had no idea how how I could use them to be happy and still create the lifestyle I dreamed about. I wish I could tell you it just magically went away one day and by some miracle I found myself healthy, happy and wealthy. What really happened, is I made a decision. I decided I would not live that way anymore, that I was unavailable for a life that didn’t inspire me when I woke up and left me fulfilled and happy when I went to sleep.

I had tried for so many years to figure this out for myself. I’ve been to the seminars and workshops, read the books, listened to the audio’s, and joined the groups. And while some of that helped for a while, it wasn’t long term or lasting.

The decision that actually changed my life, was the decision to invest in my own coaching. I invested in myself by hiring a coach because I knew I needed support. And in working with my own coach, I learned to think differently. I learned what steps to take and when. And I learned how to get out of my own way.

I enrolled in a high end business coaching program for further support and to deepen my learning. But this all started with a decision. I believe we all have a purpose ~ a reason for being here, a calling. And I wanted to know mine.

When you know who you are and why you are here, you are aligned with the source of all creation and your path will be revealed. You do not need to have it all figured out before hand. I didn’t know what my “path” was when I started out, but it was very clearly made visible to me. The key is I had to be willing to start; to take the first step and then the next.

If any part of this sounds like your story, I’m here to tell you there is another way and it is 100% possible for you to know your calling, your genius, make the money you desire, and be fulfilled and excited about your life.

Introducing…..Discover Your Genius 90 Day Mentorship Program

ann_245x300There is a transformational change that happens when a woman get’s who she is and why she’s here. That change is the direct result of having clarity about who you are (your genius), unwavering connection to your desires, and the confidence to authentically Live Your Life.

During Discover Your Genius you can expect to:

  • discover your You-nique Genius
  • connect to your desires (your lifeblood)
  • create goals based on your You-nique Genius and desires
  • design a plan of action that supports you in achieving your goals
  • receive high accountability to support you taking the necessary action
  • recognize what stops you in life, turn it around and make it work for you
  • see your confidence soar
  • say goodbye once and for all to indecision, overwhelm and anxiety
  • ditch any fear or lack around money and allow abundance and support to take their place
  • reduce stress
  • improve your health and well-being
  • be fully supported in the process of transformation

A special gift for you…

It’s no secret that I love all things beautiful and I believe that when a woman feels beautiful, she automatically vibrates at a higher frequency and becomes a beauty magnet. From this place, she attracts all sorts of beautiful experiences and opportunities to her, and by saying yes to this program, you are really saying yes to you.

In honour of your beauty and bringing your gifts forth, I have a very special gift for you. A beautiful facial serum that smells amazing and actually feeds your skin. Once you try it, you will not want to be without it! It’s light weight, hand crafted on Gabriola Island here in British Columbia, and made entirely of organic, sustainably harvested essential oils. A full size bottle of this nourishing oil is my gift to you, with the purchase of Discover Your Genius 90 Day Mentorship Program.

ann_245x340_2How coaching with me works:

This is a 3 month (90 day) package and includes:

– a comprehensive Welcome Packet, which is designed to help you obtain clarity about your goals and desires, and provide background information to support you.

– 12 weekly 60 minute coaching sessions for accountability, implementation and support

– 90 days of email support in case you have questions between sessions.


$3,000.  Payment plan is available.

Confirm your spot at the current price point TODAY, or connect with me below if you have questions about this private mentorship program.

This program is perfect for you if you are done with settling, have a burning desire to be fulfilled, inspired and excited about your life, and:

  • you are ready to love you life and Discover your Genius
  • you’ve decided to live aligned with your true desires and drop the struggle
  • you desire support in designing and creating your inspired life
  • are ready release all forms of lack and step into abundance

Imagine waking up in as little as 3 months from now, knowing exactly who you are, what you stand for and what you are here to do.

Imagine feeling empowered and having the confidence to make decisions quickly and fearlessly because you know what is best for you and your life.

Imagine feeling the joy of doing what you love, making a valuable contribution to the world and being financially free.

Request a free call with Ann now!

What People Are Saying

Through Ann’s expert guidance I was able to move past the self imposed road blocks, get clarity  and begin my new passion-based business where I get to serve clients that I love.

Kaylee Murphy
Kaylee MurphySuccess Coach For Women Entrepreneurskayleemurphy.com

In just one session Ann was able to bring to light what i had buried for many years. I am so grateful for her work with me and others, supporting women to love themselves, love their dreams and to bring them to reality.



Dianna Staar
Dianna StaarRMT, Craniosacral Therapist dianastarrrmt.com

Ann helped steer me through bumps and blockages I didn’t even know I had, that had been stopping me, including issues around self worth and how that related to the fees I charged.

Petra Heidenreich
Petra Heidenreich