Receiving Support

This week I put myself out on a limb and asked for help. Now that may not seem like a very big deal, but I was taught very early on if you want something done right, do it yourself. Combine that with fear of failure and perfectionism and you have a fool proof recipe for believing you have to do everything by yourself and it better be done right!

I can attest that is not a lot of fun and actually makes for some serious crazy making. It’s isolating, fosters fear and frustration, and in the end isn’t very productive. And it’s taken me a long time to learn that.

I’ve recently  learned 2 components of being supported I didn’t know before: I learned the difference between asking for help and being willing to actually receive it and that there is a distinct mindset associated with receiving support.

You see I thought I couldn’t afford support. What I now know, is that I can’t afford not being supported.

Yet when your reality looks like you don’t have the resources (time or money) for support, how do you get it? You start from where you are. Let me say that again. Start from where you are.

I started by asking my husband to make dinner 3 nights a week and to do the majoring of the grocery shopping. It was a big step for me to not only ask, but then to accept the support. This alone has made a big impact because it freed up both time and energy for me. Energy because I wasn’t thinking about what to make for dinner and time because I wasn’t involved in the doing of it.

Next I sought support with all things technical in my business, starting with just 3 hours a week. For the first time I wasn’t doing everything alone and the freedom it provided was absolutely magical! My time was no longer used up fighting with technology and being frustrated. Instead I was able to spend my time doing what I’m good at, what I love and what inspires me. And you know what? I started making more money! Start from where you are!

I didn’t wait until I had the money to hire the support. I started from where I was, set a weekly budget and let the rest unfold.

When you allow yourself to receive the support, you are reinforcing the energetic vibration that you are worth being supported. That is a game changer! See, most of us think we have to have the resources before we can get the support and it just isn’t true.

Mindset or how you think plays a big role in receiving support and that includes learning to ask better questions, of both yourself and others. Instead of dismissing something as not possible for you, get into the practice of asking how can I? This simple shift changes your energy and it opens the door for idea’s, people and situations to show up that were otherwise unavailable to you. It moves you from defeat to possibility. And when we focus on what’s possible, it changes our energy and sparks new creative flow.


picture from huffingtonpost.com