Practicing Discipline

Have you ever had the experience of knowing you should be doing something and yet you resist doing it?

Going to the gym for example ~ or doing some kind of exercise. You know you should be doing it, that you’ll feel better, you’ll have more energy, your clothes will fit better and you’ll sleep better. In fact you can’t think of a single reason to not exercise, and yet you don’t.

What’s up with that?

I recently wrote about goal setting and how if you aren’t connected to your “why”, the commitment to seeing your goals through is simply not there. This is part of it, but not all of it – for me at least.

The other part comes down to discipline. I’m sorry it isn’t deeper or sexier than this, but it isn’t.  It’s simply about discipline and being disciplined takes practice.

Lets face it – being successful at anything requires more than a commitment. It requires actual action, the doing of something, and that involves being disciplined. It’s one thing to say we’re committed to something but it’s an entirely different matter to have the discipline to consistently repeat a behaviour, even when we don’t feel like it ~ especially when we don’t feel like it. And it is the key. To everything.

So why is it, when we know we could benefit from a particular behavior, we resist doing it?

I wish I had the answer, but sadly, I don’t. Nor do I have any quick tips or tricks to help you be more disciplined, because being disciplined takes well, discipline.

But I do know this. When you really want something different for yourself, when staying the same is no longer an option, you will find a way. And that is at the heart of discipline.

I’m learning that being distracted, even at times being completely derailed is all a part of it. Yes, it helps to have systems in place to keep me focused and on track, but there are times when even these are not effective.

What gets me back in the game, the game of my life, is a decision. I again decide what I’m up for, available for and not available for and it starts with a question.

I ask myself what do I want my life to be for? Not the whole big picture, but for right now, in this moment? And when I remember that I can do anything, would I continue doing what I’m doing (or not doing as the case may be) or would I make a different choice?

Sometimes we simply forget who we are. We forget that this life, this miraculous gift that will never ever be repeated has enormous value and infinitesimal potential. You have enormous value and infinitesimal potential.

Your life is about you. This is it ~ no one is coming to save you, to coerce you, to cajole you, to convince you to do something different. At the end of the day there’s just you and the voice in your head. You must be the one to lead any and all self-saving expeditions and you must be the one to practice the art of discipline.

From that place, the motivation and energy to do the thing we know we should be doing, reveals itself. And we start anew.

You absolutely have within you, the ability to create and live the life you’ve imagined for yourself. And it is only ever one decision and a little discipline, away.




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