Are you tired of feeling terrible? Do you feel like you’ve been on a diet most of your life with little results?

Are you unhappy, uninspired and even sad about your reflection in the mirror?

Do you know you have a sugar addiction but keep telling yourself you won’t eat any sugar tomorrow? In the meantime, find yourself eating handfuls of chocolate chips while trying to figure out what to make for dinner?

Are you a mom, sick of feeling like crap and wondering how you’re going to lose the last few pregnancy pounds (even if your baby is now 5)? Do you know you should be eating better but find yourself eating junk because it’s fast and easy.

Do you find yourself drinking coffee in the morning and red wine at night just to make it through?

Are you in your 40’s or early 50’s, wondering when you got so soft and where in the heck did this muffin top come from?

Any of this sound familiar?

You feel trapped in a body that has
seemingly betrayed you.

Ann_Port5You know you’re a vibrant, beautiful, courageous, confident woman on the inside, but you just can’t seem to access her anymore.

And the truth is, you’re secretly afraid that woman is long gone.

You know you have a message to share – whether it’s with your children or the entire world, but you just can’t find the energy and you’re not even sure what it is anymore.

You know you want to feel happy, sexy and beautiful; to have energy to burn and be healthy. To let go of feeling tired, unhappy and unattractive.

You wonder, is it really possible to feel alive, confident, energetic, and dare you say it, beautiful? Is it possible to really and truly love the skin you’re in and share your message with confidence and enthusiasm?

Absolutely! In fact, it is your birthright!

There’s a way to change your relationship with food where you know what to eat, have a plan and feel confident and supported.

There’s a science to understanding what happens in your body when you eat, and when you understand, it makes making healthy food choices so much easier.

There are simple yet powerful support structures that keep you on track and consistently moving you towards optimal health, losing fat and loving your life.

There are mindset practices that will heal your relationship with food, resolve addictive eating behaviours, and seriously up-level your self worth leaving you confident and self-assured.

Your Happiest, Healthiest, Sexiest Life
is Available & Waiting for YOU!

Ann_Port4How do I know this is possible? Because I have spent most of my life standing in the exact same spot you’re in right now.

Feeling stuffed into my clothes, desperately unhappy with how my body looked and angry because of the latest diet’s food restrictions. I would eventually give up (because it wasn’t working anyway) binge on sugar then feel miserable and beat myself up over my lack of will power.

I was constantly comparing myself to other women and feeling inadequate and less-than. I thought that if I could just lose 10 pounds, (or 12 or 15) then I would be happy and my real life would start.

And all the while, the yo-yo dieting was ruining my metabolism, the food I was eating was completely high jacking my hormones and actually creating the very thing I was trying so hard to avoid. I just wanted to feel better. To be happy.

Want to know what’s ironic about all this? I have a background in Natural Health AND I’m a raw food chef and teacher! I knew better and STILL got caught in the vicious circle of dieting.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…it isn’t so much about the food.

Let’s face it. You already know how to lose weight. We all do. Eat less and move more, right? But how helpful is that? For me, not very.

Here’s the truth. Happiness is an inside job.

I had it backwards. I believed that if I was skinnier and prettier then I would be worthy of happiness. Once I lost the weight, then I would be deserving of a good life.

And what I’ve learned is that when you take care of the inside, the outside pretty much takes care of it self…with a little help!

It’s about deciding you’re worth something and going for it NO MATTER WHAT.

It’s about making a decision with your heart; drawing your line in the sand and not settling for anything less. That’s exactly what I did and it turned my life around.

I stopped looking to the scale to solve my problems and make me happy. I got clear on what I wanted, not just from my body but from my life. I started treating myself like I was valuable and worthwhile and everything started to change.

I’ve developed a system that supports health, happiness and you living your most successful life in tandem with you having the healthiest body for you.

For me, this is true success. When we can integrate our physical health with our mental and emotional being, you have a brilliant recipe and plan for health and happiness. This is available for YOU too! Listen, I know you have a purpose; a big reason for being that no one else has. And the message you are here to deliver in the world can only be given by you! That’s why this is so important. Regardless of whether or not you know your purpose at this moment, if you don’t honour your body, mind and spirit by taking exceptional care of it, your message won’t get delivered.

Ann_Port2And that’s why I created
Nurturing You; Fuel For Success
8 Weeks to Lose Fat, Fire Up Your
Metabolism & Balance Your Hormones
with Ann Lotwin

During this LIVE 8 week group program I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned from years of personal research and education in Natural Health and as a Raw Food Chef & Teacher including:

  • delicious recipes (both raw and cooked) so you know what eat and how to prepare it (including desserts!)
  • where to source “good” food
  •  “clean” good-for-you face and body products that actually work
  • understanding addictive food behaviours and how to change them
  • why your hormones are key to feeling good, your ideal weight AND how to reset them so they do their job!

I’ve designed this program to specifically give you all the support you need to get off the emotional and diet roller coaster (yes, they are related) once and for all, and start loving you and your body.

The 8 Week Program Calendar

  • Set Up to Succeed

  • Paying Attention to the Inner Voice

  • Creating a Daily Routine for Success

  • Knowing Your Why & Making A Decision

  • How Imbalanced Hormones Affect & Store Body Fat

  • Tracking Your Progress

  • Phase 1: Saying No to Meat & Alcohol

  • What to Eat & Drink Instead (includes recipes)

  • Food Addiction

  • Staying focussed, Clear & Strong

  • Phase 2 & 3: Sugar & Fruit Free

  • What to Eat & Drink Instead (includes recipes)

  • Handling Detox Symptoms With Ease

  • Documenting Change

  • Managing Expectations

  • Phase 4 & 5: Caffeine & Grain Free

  • What to Eat & Drink Instead (includes recipes)

  • The Mind-Body Connection

  • Dairy & Your Immune System

  • Phase 6 & 7: Dairy Free & Toxin Free

  • What to Eat & Drink Instead (includes recipes)

  • Safe (& Effective) Products for You & Your Home

  • Daily Rituals

  • Eating Enough

  • Planning Your Food

  • Re-introducing Trigger Foods

  • Food & Self Worth

  • Subtle Signs of Sabotage

  • Going Within; Getting to Know You

  • Creating a Plan for Continued Success

  • Nurturing You

  • Moving Forward

  • Accountability

  • Celebrating You

  • Tools for Getting Back on Track

What’s Included?

8 LIVE Training and Q&A Calls Plus Recordings

Each week I’ll host a live training call where we deeply explore the topic of the week. You will have the opportunity to be fully supported on theses calls by asking me your questions and receiving personalized coaching.

All 8 calls will be recorded and sent to you shortly after the live call so that you can re-listen at your convenience. Calls will be held on Monday’s at a time when as many time zones as possible can attend. Actual time of the calls TBA.

7 Weekly Nurturing You Workbooks Including Recipes

This is where transformation happens! Prior to our weekly live calls, you will receive information, valuable resources, helpful tips and mindset tools to help you be successful. Reviewing your weekly workbook prior to the live calls sets you up for success. You are your most valued commodity; take advantage of the live calls by reviewing your workbook prior to the call so I can serve and support you.

In addition, you will receive fabulous recipes each week including:

•    cinnamon buns with cream cheese icing (no grains, dairy or sugar)
•    breakfast quinoa with spinach and poached eggs
•    raw bread (grain and yeast free)
•    raw crackers (grain and yeast free)
•    dairy free cheese
•    raw fruit pie (no sugar, grains or dairy)
•    hearty salads with dressings
•    breakfast shakes
•    and more!

Plus, you get all my tips, shortcuts and knowledge as a raw food chef. This done for you program also includes:

•    the best protein powders to use in your shakes,
•    additional ways to help your body gently detox
•    information on safe and effective toxic free household products
•    references for my favourite face and body care products (toxic free)

And That’s Not All!

I’m committed to your success so I’ve got some
great bonuses for additional support!

Private 1:1
Coaching Session with Ann

The first 5 women who sign up will receive a bonus 50 minute coaching session. This session can be used anytime during the 8 week program. There’s limited availability and these sessions go fast so don’t delay if you know this program is for you. Private coaching sessions are valued at $500.

Group Orientation
Coaching Session

On this Orientation call, you will have the opportunity to ask me your questions and get personalized, on the spot laser coaching. This call will take place prior to your first session so we can dive right in on week one!

I encourage you to register sooner than later to take advantage of the additional personalized support!

Living Deliciously Raw
Home Study Program

Deborah Durrant is a brilliant and gifted raw food chef. Your bonus is the first 5 modules to her very popular home study course, Living Deliciously Raw.

Check out what’s included in this beautiful bonus Click Here

My private coaching programs sell for $2500 Cdn
But you are going to get the best of me for a fraction of the cost.

  • Is this your time? Are you ready to fully claim your beauty, release the weight and get your sexy back?

  • Yes! I’m ready to let go of the weight and stop hiding

  • I’m ready to feel good about myself and honour my body

  • I’m ready to be supported because I know I don’t have to figure it out alone

  • I’m ready to feel happy and confident with who I am and put my gifts in the world

Ann_Port3I’m ready to be healthy; to release unhappiness and extra weight and I understand this LIVE 8 week course includes:

  • 8 LIVE Training Q&A Coaching Calls with Ann where I’ll have the opportunity to receive personal support and coaching
  • 8 Recordings of the Training and Q&A Calls to listen to at my convenience for additional learning and mastery
  • 8 Weeks of Nurturing You Work Books including how to steps, references and recipes

Seal-GraphicThe 3 Limited Time Bonuses

  • A Private Coaching Session with Ann for the first 5 women that register
  • Orientation Group Laser Coaching Session so I can receive further support and personalized coaching
  • First 5 Modules to Living Deliciously Raw where I’ll receive additional on-line training and recipes to further support my new habits of healthy, delicious and nutritious food choices

Your Investment: A One Time Payment of Only $497!

I understand that by registering for Nurturing You I am agreeing to these
terms and conditions and that all sales are final and no refunds will be provided.

Every woman has a story and pain is often a part of it. But suffering doesn’t have to be nor was it ever intended to be.

It’s optional! But sometimes we forget that and it can become a habit.

It doesn’t have to be that way.
Your birthright is to be happy, successful and healthy!

You have the power and the ability to be extraordinary. If this program speaks to you, if your heart is saying yes,
then it would be my distinct privilege to support you in your own transformation.

If you know this is your time, I invite you to join me.

If you have any questions at all please contact me at