Manifesting Your Desires

Desire. According to Wikipedia, desire is a sense of longing or hoping for a person, event or outcome.

I believe it is so much more.

I believe your desires are who you actually are and they live in your deepest, truest, authentic self. They fulfill and expand you. They are designed to flow out of you and bring you and your work into the world. Your desires create an ever expanding circle of energy because when you know who you are, you are connected with your desires and equally, when you are connected with your desires, you know who you are. You are actually here to fulfill your desires.

Life is propelled or moved forward by desire.  When your desires come from a place of being rather that doing or achieving, you are connected and aligned with your true self.

That is not to say you shouldn’t have desires about “things”, living a certain lifestyle or the stuff. All of your desires are reflections of your most authentic being and live within you for a reason. Part of that reason is for them to be given life; to be made manifest in reality. You would not have the desires you do, if you were not capable of creating them, so let go of any judgements you may have about wanting or desiring certain things.

The challenge is to learn to recognize your truest desires and not be confused by the symptoms of them. For example, you may want a new car so that seems like the desire. Perhaps your truest desire is for acknowledgement and recognition and your brain or ego has you believe a new car will bring that. When you know what the true nature of the need is and get that met, the other will naturally and organically take care of itself.

Desires are a natural and necessary part of life. Celebrate and acknowledge your dreams, wishes, goals and desires and know that within you, lives everything right now, to have any possibility come true. Nurture and celebrate them in the face of not knowing, in the face of fear, in the face of uncertainty, unworthiness and negativity.

Your purpose and your desires are not separate and when you marry your deep, most authentic desires with your personality, you bring you into the world. Coming from that space, aligned with your true and highest self, you can’t help but create the life you desire. Release the need for perfection, doing it right and being like anyone else. Settle into the possibility and perfection of You and bring that forth in your business and life.



photo from belovedtreasure.com.au