Leaning In When Life Throw’s You A Curve

Have you ever been on a particular path in life, perhaps it was to do with your career or a relationship, or even your health, and something unexpected occured? That unexpected something can literally knock you on your butt and you’re left wondering what the hell happened and what to do next.

That is a “curve” and if you are a living, breathing being, you’ve likely encountered them. They are an inevitable part of life.

Knowing they are inevitable, the issue isn’t about avoiding them as much as it is learning to powerfully manage your reactions to them. It’s about who you are (or who you become) in the face of them, instead of having the situation dictate who you are.

It’s where you lean in instead of leaning away. Leaning away is akin to avoiding, denying and resisting. It may buy you a little time, but in the long run it serves nothing and no one, least of all you.

Your ability to lean in when something unexpected happens is directly connected to knowing who you are. The truth of who you are.

Having a deep connection to the truth of your being nourishes you on all levels. It fosters compassion for yourself and others, strength of mind and spirit and leads to a place of peace. All ways.

When you have this deep knowing of and for yourself, the fear based questions of how will I cope with….or, I don’t know what to do about…or, why is this happening to me… simply aren’t there.

Instead, you ask, where and from whom could I seek support…..or, is there something I need to learn about……or, what can I take away from this and where can I make a different choice next time?

You learn to ask better questions because at your core, the truth of who you are, isn’t tied to or affected by external events, people or circumstances.

I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer once say that when you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice because that’s whats inside. It’s the same with people. When we feel pressured or stressed, our reaction say’s a great deal about what we’re holding inside.

Do you feel anger, bitterness and frustration? Or do you react with curiosity, love and compassion?

Neither is right or wrong. The question is, does it serve you to be in one state more than another? If it feels better to come from a place of love and compassion, work towards embracing more of that.

Anger is fear in disguise. Inquire within; what am I afraid of? When you understand what the fear is about, it dissolves the anger and you are one step closer to your truth.

Leaning in is about who you are. The next time life throws you a curve, see if you can’t lean in, just a little more.



photo credit: wwwironandair.tumblr.com