It’s The Inner Work That Creates Outer Results

I’ve heard it said that the best personal development course is to start your own business.

Boy is that the truth!

There are phenomenal high’s, and incredible low’s. But life in general is like that, isn’t it? Whether you’re an entrepreneur carving out your own path, at home raising children or climbing the corporate ladder, life will challenge you.

Below are tips and suggestions my own mentor recently shared with me that can help when navigating the more turbulent times.

  • Stay focused on your dream and take consistent action towards it. Keep it in your field of vision by writing it out and posting it in places you frequent; your car, bathroom mirror, closet door. And take some kind of action towards it every day. The actions steps don’t have to be huge, but move forward every single day and the momentum will grow.
  • Notice if you are bored in either your business or life. What has become mundane? Where have things become business as usual ~ whether its an actual business or some other area of life? What can you do to inspire, excite and uplift yourself? Can you introduce something entirely different from your usual routine that brings you joy?
  • Practice asking better questions. Questions that keep moving you toward your dream, growing and igniting possibility instead of keeping you stuck and constricted. Ask how could this work, or, who can help? Get organized, get clear about what you can let go of and what is non-negotiable for you.
  • It isn’t necessary to know how everything is going to come together before hand. Just start; go back to step one and stay connected to your dream.
  • Allow yourself time to soul search. It takes courage to be authentically you. Give yourself time and space to become familiar with what makes you, you. What are your preferences, your style your idiosyncrasies and your dislikes?
  • You do not have to reach crisis mode, burnout, drama or anger in order to take time to nurture you. Learn to recognize when you are headed in that direction and choose something different. Hint: the better you know yourself, the faster you will catch yourself and make another choice.

Grant yourself permission to live your life by your design. Your life belongs to you. Nurture you, get to know who you are and bring that to the world. It’s why you are here.