Being Present

One of the goals I made this year, was to practice paying attention to what I think about and how I think. And that includes practicing staying in the  present moment. I took this on because I spent so much time hurrying through what I was doing to get to the next thing on my […]


Receiving Support

This week I put myself out on a limb and asked for help. Now that may not seem like a very big deal, but I was taught very early on if you want something done right, do it yourself. Combine that with fear of failure and perfectionism and you have a fool proof recipe for […]


Manifesting Your Desires

Desire. According to Wikipedia, desire is a sense of longing or hoping for a person, event or outcome. I believe it is so much more. I believe your desires are who you actually are and they live in your deepest, truest, authentic self. They fulfill and expand you. They are designed to flow out of […]


The Inner Workings of Self Care

I’m on day 9 of a rather nasty cold, and to be quite honest I’m losing patience with it.  It’s been a massive interruption in my life, I feel like hell and I’m quite annoyed because every natural remedy I’ve tried doesn’t seem to have made or be making, any difference. I realize on some […]


Finding “It”

Part of my daily routine involves reading. Now, if I’m completely honest here it’s not actually daily – although that’s my goal. So lets call it (for now) my 4 – 5 times-a-week routine, with the intention of having it become daily.  Yes, I’m still a work in progress. Anyway, the point is, I read. […]

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Taking Action

I love all the seasons, but I’m especially partial to fall. While mother earth prepares to rest, for me it signifies new beginnings and as such, is my ‘New Year’. It’s when I take stock, review goals and course correct. The shorter days put me into work mode and instead of “winding down” for the […]