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Find Out How To Gain The Clarity You Need

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? In fact I’ve been there just as recently as a few days ago. Again…

The idea/plan/direction you thought you were certain about suddenly doesn’t look quite so certain. You start to second guess yourself, wonder if you’ve missed something, maybe there’s a better/easier/faster way. You decide you should investigate other options or get another opinion and BAM! Your clarity and certainty is gone and once again you’re looking at the door of confusion. And it’s locked up tight.

Do you ever wonder, how does this happen, and why can’t I seem to just make a decision and stick with it?

Well, if you’re an entrepreneur, you likely already know you suffer (to a greater or lesser degree) with a little condition known as Shiny Object Syndrome.

There are 2 ways this condition affects us. The first is with actual visual distractions and the second and more threatening way is with our own thoughts and it is these thoughts that land us in front of the closed door of confusion.

I learned recently that confusion is an illusion created by the brain (ego) to keep us exactly where we are, and when we respond with feelings of confusion, frustration and anger, it has accomplished its job.

We cannot move forward while confused, frustrated or angry.

As soon as we step away from those negative feelings and give ourselves permission to be in the space of I don’t know, there is an instant opening for something else. And that something else is where our certainty and clarity lives.

Saying it’s an illusion in no way implies what we feel isn’t real. It’s very real! But consider what an illusion is. According to Wikipedia, “illusions are based on general assumptions the brain makes during perception.”

When your brain perceives the thought I’m confused/angry/frustrated and it’s then supported by you actually feeling confused/angry/frustrated (because our thoughts create our feelings) you have effectively bought into the illusion.

It isn’t real. It’s just a thought. And when you disengage the emotions, by directing your focus/thoughts to something else, the illusion disappears and reality returns. And the reality is that you have all the answers for your life inside of you all the time.

Going toe to toe with the door of confusion is a good thing! Welcome it and allow yourself to be there, because on the other side of the door lies your breakthrough; your clarity and your understanding. It’s like your very own self-induced test to find out just how badly you want to break free and move forward.

Feeling confused and frustrated is just that. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong.

I had been stuck in something is wrong; it shouldn’t be like this, why can’t I get this? Going round and round with these thoughts, there was no opening for anything else.

The moment I stopped fighting it, gave myself permission to be where I was, the frustration and anger faded away. I woke up the next morning very clear and with the answer. And you know what? It was the original answer I’d come up with months ago, but didn’t trust.

Being face to face with the door of confusion, no matter how many times you find yourself there, is perfect because you are at the precipice of your next breakthrough. The next big step in your life.

And that is actually very exciting and inspiring.