Overwhelmed and Frazzled Mothers

images-2 When was the last time you had a massage? A day at the spa ~ or even a couple hours of uninterrupted alone time? When was your last lunch date with a girlfriend?

Do you even remember?

I understand. Life is so busy and there’s only so much time in a day. Its a big deal to even make the list, let alone be first on it.

But that is exactly what needs to happen if you want anything to change.

Being a parent is the single toughest job in the world. It’s also the most important and the most rewarding. Yet so many mothers feel disconnected from their true selves and we create the habit of taking care of everyone except ourselves.

Do you wonder what happened to your dreams, your energy and your life?

Are you ready to give up being overwhelmed, feeling frazzled and  sacrificing you and your mental health? Do you think it’s possible to raise happy, healthy children and still have time to yourself to read, to have that massage and lunch with friends, have a clean organized house and a sexy relationship with your partner?

Yes, it is!  You are meant to have it all, but you are not meant to do it all.

It is SO possible to learn new habits and patterns that support you in being a mom and  living a happy, healthy, fulfilled life you love!

I understand how challenging and frustrating it can be to try to be all things to everyone. The juggling of family, home and career, while still trying to live or even find your life’s purpose. But it is possible to have the life you imagined for yourself, and be a great mom. It starts with a decision.

You must decide what you want your experience to be. We all know mothers that seem to have it all together, right? They always look good, they don’t ever seem to be in a rush, their homes are clean and organized, and they rarely if ever, appear overwhelmed. Why? Because they’ve