Do you ever wish your life was like someone else’s?


We all know someone who seems to have it all; world travel, great relationships, excellent self care habits. They do meaningful work they love and have the money to do-it-all. They are living the life you’d (maybe secretly), love to be living.

My own experience with “life envy” lasted a long time! I literally spent years wishing my life was like somebody else’s; believing that if I could just change a couple of things about myself, THEN my real life would begin and I would finally be happy.

I thought luck had something to do with it. Some people are just lucky; they know their true calling in life and are lucky enough to make great money doing it.

Fast forward though years of comparing myself to others, feeling dissatisfied and wishing for a happier, fulfilling life, I now know what the problem was.

And what I’ve learned, is that it isn’t about being lucky or smart enough or believing that you are in some way inherently flawed.

It’s about…

  • knowing who you are
  • understanding what drives you, what you desire for your life
  • realizing that you have everything right now, to create a life you love

You are actually meant for greatness; your unique and specific flavour of greatness. But you must first know what that is if you want to put it in the world.

If this in anyway describes you, my Discover Your True Calling 5 week Webinar training is for you. You don’t have to spend one more minute doubting yourself, feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and wondering what your purpose and true calling is.

068-darrenhull-BC3C6998In taking my Discover Your True Calling 5 Week Webinar, you will:

  • get clear on your expertise
  • clearly know your desires
  • marry your expertise with your passion so you can surpass your current income
  • make decisions confidently and fearlessly (without guilt!)
  • release co-dependency and self doubt and start approving of yourself
  • implement a personal daily ritual to support your success
  • a quick and effective technique to keep you out of stress, overwhelm & fear
  • shift OUT of fear and into and abundant and healthy relationship with money

I see so many women suffering in j-o-b’s they dislike; unhappy and unfulfilled and its heartbreaking because it isn’t necessary!

To know your true calling, your expertise, you must first know who you are and what your heart desires.

Clarity (about your purpose) + Connection (with your heart & desires) = Confidence.

Join me in my Discover Your True Calling 5 Week Webinar and you will have more confidence in every area of your life!

Imagine waking up in 5 short weeks, excited about your career and life because you are fully aligned with your passion and expertise. You have clarity and confidence and are ready to make the money you desire!

You can absolutely be the woman you’ve admired ~ the one who seems to have it all. The only difference between that woman and you, is that she believed she could have it all, and she had the confidence to go after it. And you can too!

I’d love for you to join me. It all starts Tuesday, March 17th at 5 pm PST.

Your investment in YOU!

Sales Page ImageClearly Confident is delivered online via my webinar platform. Each week I’ll provide you with a simple click through link to join me live for our class. One day before each lessons I will provide you with a Workbook in PDF format that you can easily download and use to follow along and take notes during each lessons.

Don’t worry if you can’t attend every lesson live. After each live class I will be providing the replay link the following day so you are able to attend each lesson at your convenience or tune in again to review the lesson.

Discover Your True Calling 5-Week Webinar Course Investment: $157.00 CND

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