Manifesting Your Desires

Desire. According to Wikipedia, desire is a sense of longing or hoping for a person, event or outcome.

I believe it is so much more.

I believe your desires are who you actually are and they live in your deepest, truest, authentic self. They fulfill and expand you. They are designed to flow out of you and bring you and your work into the world. Your desires create an ever expanding circle of energy because when you know who you are, you are connected with your desires and equally, when you are connected with your desires, you know who you are. You are actually here to fulfill your desires.

Life is propelled or moved forward by desire.  When your desires come from a place of being rather that doing or achieving, you are connected and aligned with your true self.

That is not to say you shouldn’t have desires about “things”, living a certain lifestyle or the stuff. All of your desires are reflections of your most authentic being and live within you for a reason. Part of that reason is for them to be given life; to be made manifest in reality. You would not have the desires you do, if you were not capable of creating them, so let go of any judgements you may have about wanting or desiring certain things.

The challenge is to learn to recognize your truest desires and not be confused by the symptoms of them. For example, you may want a new car so that seems like the desire. Perhaps your truest desire is for acknowledgement and recognition and your brain or ego has you believe a new car will bring that. When you know what the true nature of the need is and get that met, the other will naturally and organically take care of itself.

Desires are a natural and necessary part of life. Celebrate and acknowledge your dreams, wishes, goals and desires and know that within you, lives everything right now, to have any possibility come true. Nurture and celebrate them in the face of not knowing, in the face of fear, in the face of uncertainty, unworthiness and negativity.

Your purpose and your desires are not separate and when you marry your deep, most authentic desires with your personality, you bring you into the world. Coming from that space, aligned with your true and highest self, you can’t help but create the life you desire. Release the need for perfection, doing it right and being like anyone else. Settle into the possibility and perfection of You and bring that forth in your business and life.



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The Inner Workings of Self Care

I’m on day 9 of a rather nasty cold, and to be quite honest I’m losing patience with it.  It’s been a massive interruption in my life, I feel like hell and I’m quite annoyed because every natural remedy I’ve tried doesn’t seem to have made or be making, any difference. I realize on some level that probably isn’t entirely true, but it isn’t happening fast enough for me. Seriously. 9 days?? Enough already!

Part of the issue is I don’t get sick very often, and I think I take pride in being able to say “oh don’t worry, I don’t get those bugs that are going around or if I do, they only last a day or two”. Yes, I was one of those people. Somehow inferring that I have a super immune system or suggesting that I’m somehow stronger than those that get frequent colds.

And then this hit me from out of the blue and I’ve been trying to understand why. I eat well, I wash my hands frequently…I do all the right things and I don’t deserve this!  What I failed to pay attention to however, is the biggest immune weakener of all. Stress. Negative stress to be exact, combined with prolonged worry, fear and more fear. The perfect recipe for wreaking havoc on a healthy immune system which is then a red carpet invitation for pretty much anything.

Being rather holistic in nature, I don’t believe in accidents and given I usually am very healthy, I started wondering what in the wild world of sports brought all this on, now ~ at this time. Know what I came up with?  Self care and receiving.

The more stress, fear and worry I engaged in, the less I took care of myself. And as the worry compounded itself, the more panic I felt about getting everything done. I stopped working out, didn’t make time to create good meals, ate on the run or at while working, and completely stopped my morning routine of centering and grounding myself. I stopped engaging in pretty much everything I knew that would keep me focussed and strong, thereby  allowing the crazy making to take hold and take over. That’s why my immune system was down and allowed this little bug to take hold.

I stopped taking care of me; of taking the actions I knew to keep me strong and healthy in body mind and spirit.  The body-mind connection is real! According to BodyTalk, every thought we have can be detected on a cellular level in the body and everything that happens in the body is reflected in the brain.  When we don’t look after one, the other is always affected. It can’t not be.

In this case, I neglected everything; my body, mind and spirit. And why? Because I didn’t think I had enough time and I panicked. I let fear and worry take hold,  and tried to make things happen. Have you ever tried to force a square peg into a round hold? I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had much success with that, and yet it’s where I go. Trying to force something.

Unless I catch myself, take a moment, get centered, breathe through the fear and ask what’s next. Obviously, I’m still learning this.

I heard a lovely  story about when the Dahli Lama was asked how long he meditated each day. He replied that he usually meditates for an hour each day. Unless he’s very  busy. Then he meditates 2 hours.

I think it captures beautifully how the health of our mindset affects everything and that the most important self care is an inside job. If we do the work to take care of our inner self, where our real power lives, the outer will take care of itself.

So in the end, I am grateful for this cold and the deeper understanding it has brought about my self care.







Finding “It”

Part of my daily routine involves reading. Now, if I’m completely honest here it’s not actually daily – although that’s my goal. So lets call it (for now) my 4 – 5 times-a-week routine, with the intention of having it become daily.  Yes, I’m still a work in progress.

Anyway, the point is, I read. I read because I find it helps quiet the chatter in my mind; it helps me to keep my attention on what I want (instead of running a muck on what I don’t want) and it keeps me in the frequency of I can, I am and I will. Because left to my own devices, my mind will take me out of the game before I know it.

So one of the books I read is The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo. It’s a beautifully poetic book of daily inspirational readings that uplift, inspire and are deeply thought provoking. A recent passage that stood out for me is called Our Sense of Calling. It  says in part …”in every living thing there is an inner necessity that out weighs all consequence,…we truly have no choice but to live out what we are born with, to find and work our path.”

It stands out for me because I’ve been on the hunt my whole life for that thing that I’m here to do, to contribute.  The age old question’s of why am I here? Whats my purpose? And what is my gift? have been a part of me for as long as I can remember.  I’ve been up and down many a path in search of it and have even been completely derailed a couple of times, but that burning desire, that incessant drive to know it, and name it was never quiet for long.

So how do you know when you’ve found it? What if you’ve already stumbled across it, and didn’t recognize it? What if….the what if’s are endless.

This is what I know to be true for me.  It is the thing I could discuss all day, every day. It’s as natural and comfortable as breathing. And once the skill set is down (if learned skills are required) your natural intuitive way with it just flows and enhances the learned skills. The it is something you are so naturally drawn to, you research it on your own time, you educate yourself on your own time because that’s how interesting and even necessary it is to you. And that’s why it doesn’t feel like “work”. You are it and it is you.

I came across a quote the other day which summed this up beautifully for me.

You are that which you are seeking.  ~ Saint Francis.

When I understood this for myself, I let go of some of the desperate struggle. I let go and got on with the business of being.





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Taking Action

I love all the seasons, but I’m especially partial to fall. While mother earth prepares to rest, for me it signifies new beginnings and as such, is my ‘New Year’.

It’s when I take stock, review goals and course correct. The shorter days put me into work mode and instead of “winding down” for the year, I use the momentum of the 4th quarter to re-commit so that I continue taking steps in living my life by design.

But it wasn’t always this way! December 31st usually meant another year had gone by and I was very aware of all I hadn’t done. It reminded me of all the ways I had given up on myself, not completed things and generally stayed the same.

This year is different. Its different because I’m different. I’ve created a different result because I took different action.

I know it’s not rocket science, but how many of us know this yet we don’t take the action to create a different result? Knowing something and doing something are vastly different. Knowing doesn’t change your result. Doing, or taking action, does.

If you desire to live being inspired by and loving your life, and you aren’t, ask yourself what needs to change for that to happen?

Who do you need to be to have that life? Knowing that thoughts become things, or said another way, what you think about you bring about, what do you need to think about to create what you want?

And are you connected to your desires deeply enough to clearly know what you want?c9237a9775f54b36f694f709f8ec79c0-1

Q4 has arrived! If you don’t take action now, how will your life be different this December 31st?

Will you have lost the weight, taken the trip, made the money, or walked away from an unhealthy relationship? Will you be experiencing more happiness? Will your love and respect for you have expanded because you recognize your value and worth?

There’s still time! The clock is ticking, but you have the ability and drive to create something extraordinary for yourself in the last 3 months of 2014 and really have something to celebrate this New Year’s Eve.

What is the most important step for you to take right now, to create a different result? Do you desire support in getting clear on the best action for you?  Email me at ann@annlotwin.com with your questions or sign up here for your private complimentary consultation www.annlotwin.com-discoverysession.

Get supported and take the action. It will Change Your Life.

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Professional Women Dreaming of Freedom

Freedom. I’d always wanted it, but never really felt like I had it. At least not in the way I’d dreamed about it.

To me freedom is doing what I want, when I want, without needing anyone’s permission or approval. Well…upon closer examination it seems I did need permission. You see, I am a “rule follower”, and once I understand the “rules” it takes something to convince me they aren’t absolute.

The rules I’m referring to however, are the most destructive ones. They limit freedom, and very often we don’t even know we live by them.

They’re the ones that stop us from saying what we need to say, because we fear what others will think of us. They’re the rules that stop us from applying for that fantastic dream job we know we could do, but we don’t have the exact education or experience so we let it go.037-darrenhull-BC3C6658

The rules that stop us from entering that cooking show contest, the photography contest or starting our own business because we believe the “rule” or “voice” that says “I’m not that special, there are others better than me” or whatever your flavour of “I’m not good enough” is.

In the end, the permission I’d been seeking was my own. Until I changed something, I couldn’t ever be, do or have what I wanted and what I desired, because I was being run, controlled and dictated to, by a set of rules I didn’t know existed.

So how does one actually acquire freedom? Decide you aren’t available for anything less.  Then get support in making it your reality. It’s as simple and as complex as that.

Sounds easy enough, right? Just decide. Well, yes and no. Have you ever decided to change your eating habits? In the moment you decide, say Monday morning, it seems like a brilliant idea and absolutely do-able. By Wednesday (or Monday afternoon if you’re anything like me) that same idea seems wishy-washy at best and you’re wondering who even suggested it.

Deciding anything is like that, and when that “anything” is non-tangible and you are the only one that knows whether or not you’re on track, its easy to just let it go. Having someone hold you accountable  makes all the difference.

You have the life you have because of what you believe. Your life (happiness, financial abundance, health, great relationships, or any lack thereof) is direct and physical proof of what you believe to be true for yourself and your life. Period.

Anything you want for yourself in your life, is possible. Including freedom. The first step in making it your reality is deciding. Decide what you want, and make it non-negotiable.

You are here to be magnificent and nothing less. Make that non-negotiable and see where it takes you.

If you would like to explore how you can make freedom non-negotiable in your own life, I would love to connect with you!  Sign up for your own complimentary discovery session with me here www.annlotwin.com-discoverysession I will be in touch. xo


Overwhelmed and Frazzled Mothers

images-2 When was the last time you had a massage? A day at the spa ~ or even a couple hours of uninterrupted alone time? When was your last lunch date with a girlfriend?

Do you even remember?

I understand. Life is so busy and there’s only so much time in a day. Its a big deal to even make the list, let alone be first on it.

But that is exactly what needs to happen if you want anything to change.

Being a parent is the single toughest job in the world. It’s also the most important and the most rewarding. Yet so many mothers feel disconnected from their true selves and we create the habit of taking care of everyone except ourselves.

Do you wonder what happened to your dreams, your energy and your life?

Are you ready to give up being overwhelmed, feeling frazzled and  sacrificing you and your mental health? Do you think it’s possible to raise happy, healthy children and still have time to yourself to read, to have that massage and lunch with friends, have a clean organized house and a sexy relationship with your partner?

Yes, it is!  You are meant to have it all, but you are not meant to do it all.

It is SO possible to learn new habits and patterns that support you in being a mom and  living a happy, healthy, fulfilled life you love!

I understand how challenging and frustrating it can be to try to be all things to everyone. The juggling of family, home and career, while still trying to live or even find your life’s purpose. But it is possible to have the life you imagined for yourself, and be a great mom. It starts with a decision.

You must decide what you want your experience to be. We all know mothers that seem to have it all together, right? They always look good, they don’t ever seem to be in a rush, their homes are clean and organized, and they rarely if ever, appear overwhelmed. Why? Because they’ve