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On Growth, Reflection & Adventure

Ever had a plan that didn’t quite turn out the way you’d imagined it would? Me too. In particular the last 18 months have unfolded in ways I did not plan or expect. I’ve learned that sometimes, I don’t know what’s best. Sometimes, something else that I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams, wants […]

The Road Less Traveled

There’s a famous quote from an equally famous poem by Robert Frost titled ‘The Road Not Taken’. The quote is this: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. I spent so much time in my life trying to fit in, […]

It’s The Inner Work That Creates Outer Results

I’ve heard it said that the best personal development course is to start your own business. Boy is that the truth! There are phenomenal high’s, and incredible low’s. But life in general is like that, isn’t it? Whether you’re an entrepreneur carving out your own path, at home raising children or climbing the corporate ladder, […]

For the Love of Chocolate

Today I’m talking chocolate! Before we get too far into this, (if this seems a bit strange and in case you don’t know this about me),  in addition to being a transformational coach, I am also a raw food chef. Food is a huge passion of mine and every now and again I feel inspired […]

Leaning In When Life Throw’s You A Curve

Have you ever been on a particular path in life, perhaps it was to do with your career or a relationship, or even your health, and something unexpected occured? That unexpected something can literally knock you on your butt and you’re left wondering what the hell happened and what to do next. That is a […]

What Yoga Taught Me About Trust

Have you ever noticed that life delivers lessons in the most unexpected ways? I had a sudden insight into a way of being I’ve had my entire life, in a yoga class of all places! As I was fidgeting about, trying to get comfortable in a particular pose, the instructor came around and stacked a […]

How To Become Successful By Mastering Your Fears

How many times have you had the best of intentions to do something; complete a project, return a phone call, meet a deadline? Only to have something or someone catch your attention, and bam!  Your focus is redirected and you’ve been de-railed. Completing something, reaching a goal, or meeting a deadline takes focus and discipline. […]

How To Be Fully In The Present Moment

Being in the flow, the ease and grace of life is effortless. Our creativity is engaged, we are happy, make good decisions quickly and easily, and enjoy a sense of ease. Being in the flow is actually our natural state of being. It’s when our mind and body are relaxed; we feel positive, our hearts […]

How To Find Your Voice And Your Confidence

One of the key ingredient in implementing lasting change in anything, is confidence. Confidence stems from 2 key places: knowing who you are and having knowledge/skills/education about your particular line of work or zone of genius. So what do I mean by knowing who you are? This can seem like a redundant point, but being […]

Learn How To Recognize What You Desire

What does love inspire you to do? I have done some crazy and questionable things in the name of love. Things that at the time seemed like such a good idea and under love’s spell, they even felt brilliant. And then time passes. It might be a few days or a few decades, but at […]